Against TheGravityz in George Town,Penang.

Updated: Feb 4

George Town is food heaven, but other than that, you should know that George Town also has some adventurous places that you can experience and feed your adventure souls while traveling. Especially if you scare of height. This is the place for you to challenge yourself.

Even though I went alone, I felt happy I took a chance to do it. It's worth money because those moments I will remember forever. Every time I watched this video, I laughed.

I booked the activities, a day before. I think I pay around RM 150.

They have certain challenges, start with easier than high challenges.

Confident path, high bench, a great bridge, X point, Z wire, G rocky.

The website:

Place to stay for solo traveler

Container Hotel Penang

Do you like to challenge your self like this?

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